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Conwy Food Bank

Diweddariad diwethaf: 14/11/2019
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Conwy Food Bank is a non-funded voluntary organisation which endeavours to feed people living in the County of Conwy who are in crisis and unable to afford food. We are independent and not part of a national network of foodbanks and our storeroom is given to us rent free so our overheads are therefore very low. There can be many reasons for people finding themselves in difficulty such as sanction of benefits, relationship breakdowns, debt, accommodation issues, illness and family problems.
Donations are taken to our storeroom and made into parcels to suit single people, couples or families and contain enough nutritious food to last around 3-4 days. Referrals are made to us for food parcels by professional organisations who are aware of the predicament of the person or family. Food parcels are taken to delivery points to be collected by the recipients or to be delivered by their referrer/ support worker. Most of the food in the storeroom is given by donations from the public.