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Kidney Cancer - Careline - Iechyd Cymunedol

Diweddariad diwethaf: 05/04/2020
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Kidney Cancer UK aims to provide UK kidney cancer patients and their carers with improved access to reliable information about kidney cancer and its treatment. Kidney Cancer Careline is a telephone helpline providing information and support for kidney cancer patients, their carers and families. We know that if you are a patient or a family member of someone who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, a way to make life easier is to speak to someone.

If you would like to talk to a friendly voice with experience in caring for and supporting kidney cancer patients, our Health Professional team is waiting for you to call.

Our Careline is operated by our Health Professional team who call upon their extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in kidney cancer care to listen and support patients and their families during the difficult time of kidney cancer.