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Health and Wellbeing
Partner Iechyd a Llesiant Cymru

Llais Volunteers

Diweddariad diwethaf: 10/07/2024
Cysylltwyr cymunedol / gwasanaeth rhagnodi cymdeithasol Gall yr adnodd yma defnyddio’r iaith Gymraeg

Beth rydym ni'n ei wneud

Volunteers wanted to be part of an organisation with purpose and passion.
The roles:
Online feedback collector - Collecting people’s experiences of health and social care services via online forums, review sites, social media and formal consultations – this works well if you want to work from home.
Visiting volunteer - you’ll meet people or their families/carers online or in person at health and social care settings on pre-arranged visits to understand what they like and what could be better.
Community engagement volunteer - you’ll join a local Llais team to meet people online and face-to-face out and about in the community to capture their views and experiences of local health and social care services.
Representation volunteer - you’ll attend meetings and events on behalf of Llais, putting forward our viewpoint when required, make notes of the meeting and feeding back
relevant information.