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Health and Wellbeing
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Gweithgareddau ar gyfer plant a phobl ifanc

Follow Your Dreams LifeWise Project - Gweithgareddau ar gyfer plant a phobl ifanc

Diweddariad diwethaf: 28/04/2020
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LifeWise has been formed to help young people with learning disabilities overcome barriers. We are focusing on health and wellbeing throughout. We aim to do this by designing a training programme of weekly workshops for up to twelve young people. The program will last around 2 years. The weekly programme will provide a series of planned new experiences designed to develop skills, instil self-confidence and to create a “can do” attitude within the young person. It is intended that each session will be from 60 minutes to 1/2-day dependant on the time required to be completed. We want them to be confident, motivated to take the next step and instilled with the belief that they can make a useful contribution to society. We recognise that individuals will have varying levels of ability and so we will be utilising a value-added system of evaluation to measure improvement during the programme. Where suitable we would include work experience in the charity to supplement the programme.