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Copy: Copy: 8 Week Mindfulness Course in Cardiff - Thursday 10 May - 18.00 – 19:45 - Digwyddiad

Diweddariad diwethaf: 24/04/2019
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This 8 Week Mindfulness Course will give you techniques to help you to remain calm and focused in your day to day activities. This course is ideal for people who are new to Mindfulness and wish to begin practicing. It is also suitable for people with some experience of Mindfulness in order to receive further instruction and improve the quality of their practice. The course is held over 8 weekly sessions of 1h 45m and a retreat day is included.

Start date: Thursday 10th May
Retreat date: Saturday 23rd June (10am – 4pm)
Time: 18.00pm – 7.45pm

Venue: Samye Foundation Wales, 250 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1GZ
Cost: £180 includes weekly course notes, a series of MP3’s (available on 2 CDs for a small charge of £6) and a full day retreat

We run Mindfulness courses in Cardiff on a regular basis for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. If this course has already started please refer to our website or email us for the next start date.