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Digwyddiad Gall yr adnodd yma defnyddio’r iaith Gymraeg

Children's Halloween Party - Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community - Digwyddiad

Diweddariad diwethaf: 15/10/2019
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Beth rydym ni'n ei wneud

Caerphilly Miners is a charity working to give back a restored part of the Caerphilly Miners hospital to the community as social enterprise, delivering services and to support well-being. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to give back to the community and further their social life.

The project seeks to deliver the following outcomes:
• Ensuring equality, social inclusion and sustainability
• Supporting people’s education and learning
• Generating interest in and awareness of the heritage of the miners
• Providing activities to support the well-being and care of community members
• Working in partnership to deliver adequately resourced and sustainable services

Our multi-use facility provides a place to socialise, learn and develop skills, access information, and participate in community activities.