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Health and Wellbeing
Partner Iechyd a Llesiant Cymru
Gofal cartref Gall yr adnodd yma defnyddio’r iaith Gymraeg Gall yr adnodd yma defnyddio Iaith Arwyddion Prydain (BSL)

RNID (Formerly Action on Hearing Loss) Care and Support - West Wales - Gofal cartref

Diweddariad diwethaf: 13/01/2021

Beth rydym ni'n ei wneud

We provide personalised care and support that focuses on your wants and likes:
• supporting you to be as independent as possible
• communicating in your preferred way
• making sure you are happy, safe and healthy
• working in partnership with you, your families and other professionals.
Our team members are fluent BSL users ,and able to support people, in their own homes and within the local communities. Our specialist trained staff will encourage, prompt and support you in the way that you want, when you need it.
We can support you with:
• day to day tasks
• personal care
• managing money / your tenancy or home
• looking after your health and mental wellbeing
• getting out and about
• meet people and making friends
• finding employment and courses
Our service can support you to develop, maintain or relearn skills you need to live more independently