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Gwasanaethau Adfer Iechyd Meddwl

Silvermoon Recovery - Gwasanaethau Adfer Iechyd Meddwl

Diweddariad diwethaf: 04/08/2022

Beth rydym ni'n ei wneud

At Silvermoon Clinic, we want our clients to understand the high levels of care we provide. We are a dedicated team with years of experience allowing us to support those in recovery.

We offer support for mental health disorders and with our high set of skills, we can ensure you find treatment to suit your individual needs.

Our team understand it’s not easy seeking professional treatment, but we advise you to call us today. By doing so, you can begin to speak to a supportive adviser who understands the challenges you are facing.
Below, we have included examples of the kinds of services offered when you begin your recovery therapy programme:

Trauma therapy
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
Holistic therapy
Family therapy
Relapse prevention
Group therapy
Individual therapy